2010 Olympic Torch Relay
On December 15, 2009, the citizens of Prince Edward County, Ontario came out and brightened an overcast winter's day with a show filled with home-grown talent to welcome the Olympic torch. Relay runners are carrying it across Canada en route to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games that begin February 12 in Vancouver. Click on the images below to view the 4 photo slideshows commemorating this historic occasion held at the fairgrounds in Picton. Click here to see all of the photo galleries and to order prints.
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Joey Lavender carried the Olympic torch to Picton, Ontario.
Carrying the torch

Irish dancers perform at the Olympic Torch Relay event in Picton, Ontario, Canada.
The big day in Picton
Singers Kim Inch, Renie Thompson and Jeanette Arsenault rehearse their song "This Is My Canada" for the Olympic Torch Relay event in Picton, Ontario, Canada.
Dress rehearsal
A crowd of thousands cheered for the Olympic Torch at the Prince Edward County fairgrounds in Picton, Ontario, Canada.
Faces in the crowd
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